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im applying 
12:46am 03/10/2005
  <*img src="*http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/blondedevilkim/areyoujiffy.png" alt="*Image hosted by Photobucket.com*">

im not really sure why
09:46pm 12/01/2005


07:23pm 26/12/2004
mood: bored
promotionCollapse )
Its that time again... 
11:07am 28/11/2004
mood: just woke up
I rerquested a theme, so now im suggestting one! I'm thinking a theme involving peoples pets....like your pet must be in the picture. This deffinatey includes fish and other such small animals, cause I know many of us are at school. Still no pets? Well....then...I guess you'll have to chase down a squirel...

Is one week enough to get it done?

Whattaya think?
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08:45pm 15/11/2004
  wow. we are some hot heebsCollapse )  
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07:32pm 11/11/2004
mood: accomplished
YAY! Love you guys.... is there still themed posting here? Also...do any of you have friendster/my space??
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shalom, heebs
10:19am 11/11/2004
  text only sucksCollapse )  
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my hair gets a bris 
09:48am 08/11/2004
mood: sneexy

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05:54pm 07/11/2004
mood: hungry
(under an ljcut please!)
-Name: Ellyn
-Age: 20
-Location:Worcester, MA
-Favorite Bands: Jimi Hendrix
-Favorite Movies: Say Anything, Little Rascles, Fight Club, Bang Bang You're Dead
-Favorite Jew: hmmm...madonna! jk jk uhhh eli weisel?
-Why are you a Hot Heeb? idunno my roomie and i are super jews and i love hot jews...
-Promoted to you?found it on my own, but i use to go to jew school with laura
-Promote to one person, tell us who it is: my roomates...they are some hot heebs...lemme tell you
-At least 3 pics.

in polka dotsCollapse )

in polka dots with the boyCollapse )
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I need that helmet. See that little bus? That was there for me. 
07:15pm 26/10/2004
mood: exhausted

That was fun. ;D
Recent Camwhoreage 
02:24am 23/10/2004
mood: crappy

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09:06pm 21/10/2004
  who wakes up like this?Collapse )  
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12:35am 18/10/2004
  okay, the community is somewhat dead, so here are some pictures. (my computer has been resurrected and i've done a fair bit of camwhoring since then.)

also!!!! the hebrew hammer is coming out on dvd on november 16, so you have some time to pick it up before hanukkah rolls around and you beg your parents and relatives for it, which is what i'll be doing.

this town was built on miles of hope.Collapse )

also, i'm whoring a community, so check out emoxcore_rating.
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i do declare 
11:39am 08/10/2004
  we do have the prettiest jews, we do.

Read more...Collapse )
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Application Ahoy! 
12:26am 06/10/2004
mood: awake
Yeah, so um...Don't let the screen name fool you...Collapse )
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sorry i haven't posted lately
08:02pm 30/09/2004

& my little PSA .. watch the debate tonight, please.
an uninformed vote is almost as dangerous as no vote.
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miss me? 
04:50pm 29/09/2004
  i swear i will update here more often with lots of fun pictures of my jew school (barnard college/columbia university is 40% jewish) and myself as soon as my computer comes back from the dead. i've met some awesome tribe members here, most of whom go to list college, part of the jewish theological seminary. (they're not studying to be rabbis. that's part of the graduate program and we're all freshman undergrads.) i've also got a very enviable job for those of you heebs that are into zines and/or library geeks: i get paid $8.25 per hour to read zines and write short abstracts of them, plus do some reference and archiving work.

fun fact: the sign over the kosher section of hewitt dining hall at barnard has a little picture of a torah on it. it's a clip art torah. my school is cooler than everything.

another fun fact: the barnard/columbia hillel building (1 block away from my dorm) is fucking awesome. it's brand new (or at least looks that way) and ridiculously nice, plus the hillel people are pretty cool. and they have foosball. nothing says observing the sabbath like a rousing game of foosball with the jew crew. a few weeks ago, i got to meet the founder of heeb, jennifer bleyer, and i took some back issues of heeb... for free! i ♥ free stuff.

i forgot that i do have some pictures that i posted on my livejournal a little while back, with most likely self-deprecating captions to go with them.Collapse )
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02:28pm 29/09/2004
mood: hyper
hey..havent written in a while. Lisi's gone and i miss her alot. School sucks, and its gonna be really hard. This year better be exciting for me. I miss lisi alot.
Going to worrk now
10:43pm 20/09/2004
  haven't looked at this community in a while, but sadly to say, i haven't missed much. no one's posting as often. where'd everyone go? i miss the jewishness.  
its been a long summer 
12:06am 17/09/2004
  le mod absentCollapse )
ive been meaning to post some actual pictures for a long time but ive had technical difficulties and there have been really good waves at the shore.
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