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Application Ahoy!

I really am a Heebie.

-Name: Rachel
-Age: 18
-Location: Rochester NY
-Favorite Bands: Pearl Jam, RHCP, The Strokes, The Shins, The Eels, Ween
-Favorite Movies: Fight Club, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Princess Bride, Swingers, etc....
-Favorite Jew: Well they're ALL the sex, but let's say...Lenny Kravitz. Just as an example. Yes, he's half-heeb. And hot too.
-Why are you a Hot Heeb?: Because...I'm Jewlicious. Yes I made up a word. End of discussion.
-Promoted to you?: My twin sister, Sullenrei! WE'RE RELATED, CAN'T YOU TELL!!??!!111
-Promote to one person, tell us who it is. Unfortunately I have no other Jew LJ friends ( ;__; ), but when I find one they'll be sent this way.
-At least 3 pics:

I'm on the right, in black.

Sick shades! Wish they were mine.

I'm an art student, I done drawndend myself. Does this count as a photo? I don't know!

This one is too big to post directly, and also...too cheesy. But I had to post it. 'CAUSE I'M A SUPASTARRR!!

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